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Entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) are being given an opportunity to invest in unique local scientific developments.

These can be seen at the head office of the Scientific Research Council (SRC), as it mounts an exposition of scientific developments, aimed at attracting investments.

Marketing Assistant at the SRC in the Marketech Division, Kimberly Blackwood, told JIS News that the exhibition, which will run until December 24, showcases all the services offered by the SRC.

“The first thing that will catch their eyes is our main display area with our lemon grass products. That’s the product we are trying to sensitise the market about. They will also see the fruit cake mix and a display of most of the products we have helped customers with over the years, such as soups, different canned foods, and other wellness products.  We also have a wide variety of pamphlets for persons to get information,” she noted.

“Also on exhibit are services like meat product development, market research, meat smoking techniques, product standardisation and wastewater treatment,” Miss Blackwood added.

She said the SRC hopes to attract the curious layman with an idea for a business, budding entrepreneurs, persons who want to know how to develop a product and how to move a business from idea to product.

Miss Blackwood also pointed to a product line that the SRC has developed, describing it as an excellent opportunity for the MSME sector.

“The SRC has a lemon grass and ginger lotion and body wash product line that we have been marketing for some time. We also have our tissue culture plantlets in African violet, ginger and pineapple,” she noted.

Other items on display include food formulations that would interest the serious MSME investor.  “They range from sauces to dry foods, fruits and meats,” Miss Blackwood said.

“When you come to the exhibition the information that you need is right there at your finger tips. If it’s not in Marketech you are in the right place, because you can go to the processing department, and you can go to the product development unit. If you want to start a new business or start a new product, there are persons here on staff that can help you on the spot,” she told JIS news.

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