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  • SEHRA Chairman says the clinic is a major advancement in health care delivery
  • The clinic will complement the existing public health services offered in St. Catherine
  • The Governor-General also donated $200,000 from the I Believe Initiative towards the project

The Spring Village Development Foundation (SVDF), in St. Catherine, has been commended for its commitment to the residents in the community, and for its work in establishing a medical facility to serve more than 20,000 persons.

Speaking at the official opening of Phase One of the Spring Village ‘I Believe’ medical clinic on July 30, wife of the Governor-General, Her Excellency the Most  Hon. Lady Allen, noted that the clinic is the result of the Foundation’s tireless work and dedication to the community.

“This complex proves what can be achieved when you dare to dream, pursue that dream with determination and are so enthusiastic about it, that others are led to support you for the achievement of that dream,” she said.

The clinic aims to provide affordable, preventive, primary health care to residents of Spring Village and neighbouring communities in a centralised location, where the most demanded health services can be accessed.

Residents will be able to get optical screenings, dental care, mental health/counselling, pharmacy and laboratory service, as well as pre-and post-natal services.

Lady Allen informed that her husband, the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, declared Spring Village an ‘I Believe’ village because he was impressed by the way the residents used their initiative to develop solutions to the problems they identified in the community.

The project has been endorsed by the ‘I Believe Initiative’, which is spearheaded by the Governor-General, and is focused on projects intended to contribute to the transformation of Jamaica.

She said the I Believe Initiative is pleased to be a partner in the project and expressed gratitude to the stakeholders for agreeing to add ‘I Believe’ to the name of the clinic.

“This is a testimony to the fact that they all share the conviction of the Governor-General that there is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica. They agree that a motivated community working together to achieve a better quality of life, is an aspect of what is right with Jamaica,” Lady Allen said.

For his part, Chairman of the South-East Regional Health Authority (SEHRA), Mr. Littleton Shirley, said the clinic is a major advancement in health care delivery.

He pointed out that the clinic will complement the existing public health services offered in St. Catherine, and added that an effective primary health care system can prevent many of the disease burdens, and prevent people with minor complaints from flooding the emergency wards of hospitals.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the SVDF, Mr. Randy Finnikin, said the opening of the facility is an expression of the commitment of stakeholders in the community in ensuring that the population of Spring Village is healthy and productive, as “we relentlessly pursue the transformation of this community to meet the challenges of the day and to play its part in contributing to national development.”

Support for the clinic has come from entities, including Jamaica Broilers, which donated the land for the facility; the Jamaica Missions of Minnesota, in the United States, and the SVDF Chapters in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

The Governor-General also donated $200,000 from the I Believe Initiative towards the project. The donation was made possible through contributions from three sponsors of the I Believe Initiative – Scotiabank Jamaica Limited, Maffessanti Builders and Contractors Limited and Fosrich Group of Companies.

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