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The Early Childhood Commission has embarked on a programme aimed at ensuring the coordinated delivery of early childhood services across the nation. The programme, called ‘Spring of Hope,’ will among other things, entail the certification of early childhood educators and putting a legal and regulatory framework in place to ensure quality service within learning institutions.
“We are going to have a massive public education campaign to sensitize members of the public on the importance of early childhood education”, informed Merris Murray, Executive Director of the Commission. She was speaking at the Justices of the Peace Association awards banquet at the Almond Tree Restaurant on November 6.
She said that, to ensure the success of the programme, “the Commission will be scanning the local and international environment to identify the best practices in order to ensure that our children are afforded a bright opportunity.”
“We will be working with the children so that they become less traumatized in the transition process when they are being taken from their homes to attend school,” she noted further.
According to her, the early childhood years were very important, “because it is the time when the foundation is being set for the children, equipping them with emotional and intellectual skills.”
Mrs. Murray commended the Justices of the Peace on the pivotal role that they have been playing in the administration of justice in the country and encouraged them to continue to serve the public.
Among those receiving awards were Una “Beth” Jacobs, Ilene Manning, Beryl Spence, Allan James, Eric Boreland, Gerald Mattison, Ethel Anderson and Marie Thomas.

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