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The ford at Spring Ground/Bull Savannah, which provides a vital link between St. Elizabeth and Manchester, was re-opened on August 11, by Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Richard Azan.
The ford, which suffered extensive damage during the passage of hurricane Emily in July 2005, was rehabilitated at a cost of $10 million.
Mr. Azan said that the damage done to the ford not only cost the government millions of dollars to repair, but the residents also lost earnings because of the disruption in their economic activities.
“The rehabilitation of the ford is of significant benefit to the estimated 5,000 residents who were affected by the destruction of the facility. Now the economic life of these residents who commute daily to Alligator Pond and other economic centres in St. Elizabeth and those who use the route to go to Mandeville, has been restored,” he said.
The scope of work included the excavation and removal of boulders washed down from the adjoining hillsides; construction of reinforced concrete culverts, casements, aprons and wing walls; the installation of guard rails and the resurfacing of the roadway.Mr. Azan said that the Ministry would be carrying out a series of mitigation works in the area.
“Very shortly, drain cleaning work will begin from Junction to Ridge and Lane to Bull Savannah. Hot patch road repair work has already commenced from Bull Savannah to Junction and from Pedro Cross to Hill Top to Lititz,” he pointed out.
Bushing and drain cleaning work is also to be carried out from Spring Ground to Bull Savannah, Downs to Alligator Pond and Downs to Lititz in St. Elizabeth.The State Minister said that $1.8 million has been allocated to carry out routine maintenance work in the St. Jago, Pusey Hill, Restore, Newport, Alligator Pond and Guts River areas of St. Elizabeth and Manchester.

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