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The National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, has organised a number of special events to celebrate Senior Citizens Month in Manchester.
Parish Co-ordinator for the events in the parish, E.G. Dwyer-Crawford outlined some of the activities to JIS News.
“We will kick off our activities this Sunday (September 11) with church services in different locations in Manchester. Our next activity will be on Tuesday, September 13 with the staging of our regional awards ceremony at the Maranatha Church Hall in May Day. There will be art, craft and culinary awards as well as an award for the recently concluded regional domino competition,” she noted.
Guest speaker at the awards ceremony will be the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Parish Co-ordinator, Vivienne Morris-Brown.
Mrs. Dwyer-Crawford pointed out that members of all the golden age clubs in the parish would visit shut-ins on Wednesday, September 14.
“We return to the Maranatha centre on Monday, September 19 for a health fair to held under the theme: “Your Health and You,’, and by Wednesday, September 21 we are off to Kirkvine for our family fun day,” she said.
Mrs. Dwyer-Crawford explained that one of the highpoints would be the holding of a Grandparents Service at the St. Mark Anglican Church on Sunday, September 25.
“At this service we will have a number of our seniors who are over 100 years old. By the next day we will be at the Marlie Hill Primary School where we will be taking devotions and giving some talks and training to the students. This will help to strengthen the inter-generational bond and assist with the transfer of knowledge from us the seniors to the members of the younger generation, who will one day be the leaders of the society,” she said.
There will also be a treat for members of the Ebenezer Home (Infirmary) in Grey Ground.

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