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Plans are underway for a National Sports Exhibition, which is expected to be open to the public during the Independence celebrations. 

The display, which is to be housed on the second floor of the National Arena, is intended to be a tribute to the performance of Jamaican sportsmen and women in various fields from the mid-19th Century to today.

Minister with responsibility for Sports, Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley, said the exhibition will form the basis of what will become the National Sport Museum and Hall of Fame, construction of which will be undertaken by the government of Jamaica.

“We believe that we have accomplished so much over so many years and we decided that we would go no further than this year in establishing the museum,” she told JIS News at a meeting of the National Sport Museum Committee (NSMC) on Tuesday (July 3) at Jamaica House.

She said that the exhibit “would seek to archive and showcase the sporting journey of our nation.”

The Minister pointed out that many nations, that have achieved far less than Jamaica has over the years, have built sport museums and the country has many accomplishments of which the nation should be proud.

“We have been medalling gold for such a long time. We were around for the 1948 Games and we are going back to London. In 2012, we expect to do well,” the Minister said.

She said it is important that children get accurate information about the performance of Jamaicans in the various sporting activities and their contribution to the development of sport in Jamaica.

Work on the exhibition is currently being undertaken by the NSMC, which is comprised of representatives of a number of government and private sector organisations, including the Institute of Jamaica, Jamaica Olympic Association, Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ) and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).

The membership of the committee also comprises sports administrators, businessmen, archivists, and curators.


By Andrine Davidson, JIS Reporter

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