JIS News

Corporate giant National Commercial Bank and Moore Tech, have once again put their backing behind the Central Information Technology Office’s (CITO) third annual regional summit, which got underway this morning at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.
The three-day seminar, which is being held under the theme: ‘Utilising Information Communication Technology in Disaster Preparedness and Management’ forms part of the agency’s response to the increasing occurrence of natural disasters on the local and international scene.
Marketing and Communications Manager for NCB’s E-Business and Merchant Services Division, Everly Clarke, said that the bank had given its support again this year, as CITO continued to play, “a vital role in Jamaica’s e-readiness journey”, adding that, “NCB, through its e-business and Merchant Services Division, is playing a similar role.”
She said the event underscored the need for businesses to be able to act proactively, in the event of a disaster. “We think a disaster preparedness plan is extremely important,” Ms. Clarke stated. “In fact,” she added, “it is critical within the business environment knowing that disasters are real and imminent and knowing a plan is in place to mitigate these risks, should boost productivity”. She noted that NCB’s disaster preparedness plan was constantly reviewed and updated.
Information and Technology Manager at Moore Tech, Neil Williams, in echoing similar sentiments, said the entity had chosen to sponsor the event based on the positive experience as a first time sponsor in 2005. He noted also, that the theme chosen for this year’s summit was relevant to the Jamaican business environment.
“If you do not have a business recovery plan, it can take you a long time to recover and if your business relies on a computer system, it can be very detrimental to your ability to make a profit. If you can put a money value to not being able to do business, it can really highlight how much money you can lose in a very short period of time, so if you don’t have a disaster management plan, you are taking a very big risk if a natural disaster affects the country and we are prime targets for hurricanes,” he stated.
Speaking recently with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer of CITO, Michael duQuesnay pointed out that given the critical role that information communication technology (ICT) served in the operation of contemporary businesses, this year’s summit would address the need to act proactively, in the event of a disaster.
“You might not have a business left at the end of it (disaster), so a part of the whole theme we will be talking about is the extent to which ICT has become such an important and integral part of the business, and you need to consider that in any of your plans as it relates to being prepared for a disaster and being able to recover,” he stated.
Mr. duQuesnay noted that several categories of workers within the private and public sectors were being invited to participate in the three-day summit, among them chief executive officers, senior-level managers, as well as information technology managers and network administrators.
In addition to NCB and Moore Tech, other sponsors of the event are Citrix, Fujitsu, Anbell Limited, Anngel, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management and the Jamaica Computer Society.