Today has been a very bad day for Jamaica generally and specifically for the Constabulary Force.
This morning at approximately 1:30, we lost Constable Campbell who was attacked shot to death. I’m told some 30 spent shells were found on the scene. This is in the area of Slipe Pen Road.
Within 12 hours after, the body of assistant commissioner Kameka was found in Shamrock in the Irish Town area also shot to death.
It’s very early, too early I should say for me to give you any pronouncements on both incidents.
The police are actively investigating both.
What I would like to say to Jamaica in very challenging times.within the last 24 hours we’ve lost 11 of our people. I would like to say to the country, have faith in the security forces that they will bring this situation under control. Do not panic.
I’m appealing to persons who would have seen, heard or with any information whatsoever to get in touch with the police. If there are any concerns about confidentiality, I am available; Minister Williams is available for the information to be passed on.
We must and will get these killers. They will be brought to justice.
I say to the nation, remain calm. The police are doing everything possible.
Sometime tomorrow afternoon the prime minister and myself will meet with the police high command. After that meeting I’ll be in a position perhaps to give some more information.

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