Jamaica is on a new path. This parliamentary year is filled with the potential for great progress and prosperity.

With the new Administration demonstrating its willingness to take the prudent and thoughtful decisions for the benefit of all Jamaicans and building on true partnerships of the last year, our country has a firm foundation for prosperity.

One year after the 2016 elections, the Government has settled and both the Administration and the Opposition have recognised the importance of maintaining our progressive democratic ideals through robust debate and conscious cooperation on issues that matter to the vast majority of the people of Jamaica.

Jamaicans should take heart at the progress we have made over the years and should be confident of further strides in deepening our democratic traditions for our shared prosperity.

Our collective fate is tied to the outcomes of the unified actions of our people to focus on the challenges that face us as a nation.

The new Administration is focused on bringing growth, creating jobs and securing Jamaica.

Honourable Members, there is a need in Jamaica to rebuild our communities that have been divided by crime and lawlessness.

We must, as a nation, assert the rule of law and jealously guard its promotion. The state must constantly take into consideration that its actions represent what is in the best interest of the people.

Our society must evolve to a place of caring and sharing across all divides. We must bring back our communities and our young people must be heard; their thoughts and opinions helping to guide our direction.

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