Today  we meet  at  a juncture of  new beginnings: a new Parliamentary year, a new Administration with a newly elected Prime Minister. Jamaicans also have a new hope for prosperity. It is this new hope that forms the foundation for building a partnership for prosperity.

We have demonstrated yet again, in our recent elections, that we can transfer power seamlessly. This must not be taken for granted. Our democratic tradition is one of those things of which we all can be justly proud.

It is a tribute to  both sides of this Honourable House that an election could have been so vigorously contested and closely decided  but  when the results were in, they were accepted.

Members of this new Administration as well as  the Opposition must be commended by  all Jamaicans for again showing the world  that we value democracy; that despite the cut and thrust of our democratic system,  when it is all over, we accept the will of the people and move on with the business of the people.

Jamaica, through bipartisan cooperation and commitment, developed an electoral system that is the envy of the world! We must acknowledge our collective progress.

We must continue to do everything to strengthen our people’s confidence in our institutions as this is the best way to encourage more Jamaicans to engage in the democratic process.

Our institutions must work for the people, and citizens must feel that they exist to serve them; to facilitate and empower them.

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