The legal dispute involving the dismissal of some members of the former Public Service Commission by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, has been settled.
Settlement was reached this morning (Dec. 8), during a sitting in the Supreme Court at which all the parties agreed that it was not in the national interest to continue with the matter.
The suit was brought by former PSC members Daisy Coke, Michael Fennell, Edwin Jones and Pauline Findlay against Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the Attorney General, Senator Dorothy Lightbourne.
In a statement issued following this morning’s court sitting, all parties said they accepted without admission that the working relationship had irretrievably broken down. The statement said that any workable association depending on trust and confidence would have been impossible and that this situation would not be conducive to good governance or in the national interest.
The statement noted further that the termination of the appointment of members of the Public Service Commission by the Prime Minister, was not intended to suggest, or be construed that there were any acts of dishonesty, corruption or personal misbehaviour on the part of the claimants during their tenure as members of the Public Service Commission.
Under the terms of the settlement, Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the Attorney General recognized the services of the former PSC members to national life and expressed appreciation for the contributions they have made.