Mr. Speaker, I rise in this Honourable House today to speak to a very important matter related to public health. We are faced with an increase in the spread of the chikungunya virus. Mr. Speaker, I am grateful for the robust discussion that we have been having across the island because it tells me that Jamaicans are at least aware of the disease and its symptoms. I must however caution persons to be careful with the discourse as the misinformation being spread in some quarters is not in the best interest of the public and can only be detrimental to efforts to secure public health. I am therefore encouraging my fellow Members of Parliament and Opposition Members to engage in constructive discourse about the disease so that Jamaicans can be equipped to make the right choices to protect their health.


I am just returning from a visit to Nutts River in Eastern St. Thomas as well as the Yallahs Primary School where it was reported that a number of students and teachers were displaying flu like symptoms. I expressed my sympathies and assured the leadership of the school that we will continue to work very closely with them through the St. Thomas Health Department which has visited the institution four times since August 25, 2014. I was accompanied by the Member from Western St. Thomas and a high level team from the Ministry and the South East Regional Health Authority. We will continue to monitor the facility…READ MORE

Download Statement to Parliament by the Minister of Health on the Cikungunya Virus




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