Mr. Speaker, I wish to bring to the attention of this honourable House and  the  public,  a  serious  situation  with  regard  to  our  water  supplies. The fact is that inflows into a number of water supply systems are now well  below  normal,  resulting  in  many  sections  of  the  country  being faced with water supply challenges.

The reason for this Mr. Speaker, is that the amount of rainfall that we had expected during May and June, which traditionally are our rainy months,  did  not  materialize.   Indeed,  the  amount  of  rainfall  we received  islandwide,   fell  below  the  30  year  average for  what  is normal  at  this  time  of  year,  and  was  not  enough  to  make up  the deficit of the dry season between December 2013 and April 2014……READ MORE

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