Mr. Speaker,

Having been advised by the Police Service Commission of the selection of Mr. Fitzroy George Quallo as the 29th Commissioner of Police, I wish to express the Ministry’s full support with respect to his selection.

I also wish to acknowledge the sterling contribution of Ms Novelette Grant who acted as Commissioner of Police following the resignation of Dr. Carl Williams.

The administration and the people of Jamaica also thank the Police Service Commission and its members for the work done in the recruitment and selection process for a new Commissioner.

We also wish to use this opportunity to thank the people of Jamaica for their patience during this process, and I am calling on everyone, at home and abroad to give their full support to Mr. Quallo as the Police Commissioner.

George Quallo, having been enlisted in the Jamaica Constabulary Force since November 29, 1976, has given 41 years of dedicated service to that organization and with that, has demonstrated that he possesses the relevant experience and command necessary for the effective management of the Jamaica Constabulary Force at this time.

Mr. Quallo came up through the ranks and was appointed Assistant Commissioner of Police in December, 2010 and in November, 2015, as Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Since January 2016, he has been given responsibility for the Territorial Operations Portfolio.

Prior to becoming DCP, he led various Divisions in the Jamaica Constabulary Force including Area 4 between March 2012 and December 2015 during which there were three successive years of reduction in murders and major crimes.

As area commander between 2002 and 2006 he also restructured the Manchester Police Division, utilizing community policing principles as the major policing strategy resulting in a large reduction in all crime categories.

Mr. Speaker with this track record, I am confident that Mr. Quallo will continue to strengthen the work undertaken by the JCF and will manage the Force in such a way that will ultimately lead to the enhancing of the security services, improving public order, accountability and reducing corruption.

It is a fact that the job of a Police Commissioner is not only extremely difficult but also very demanding.

Many of the causal factors for violent crimes are outside the control of law enforcement, yet law enforcement is often held entirely responsible for getting it under control.

The new Commissioner, Mr. Speaker as the person with operational responsibility for dealing with crime, will therefore have to draw on all his leadership and stakeholder engagement skills to help Jamaica to achieve its national security goals.

Mr. Speaker, the new Commissioner has been given a chance to prove himself and I call on him to undertake the changes that are greatly needed in the JCF.

Effective policing is one of the 5 pillars of our crime reduction strategy; the use of technology, respect for human rights and prove police techniques will all be needed in the fight against crime. I therefore urge him to continue the work in transforming the Jamaica Constabulary Force into a police service that will have the full confidence, respect and support of all the people of Jamaica and one that will be emulated by our regional and international counterparts.

While past reform efforts have produced a strategic perspective for the transformation of the Constabulary Force into a modern service oriented organization, a new phase of rebuilding is in order.

This will require the police and stakeholders to engage in partnerships to promote key principles of good governance within the institution and deliver a more professional service to the citizens of Jamaica.

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the Government of Jamaica and in particular, the Ministry of National Security, we wish to congratulate Mr. Quallo on his selection and wish him all the best in his new post.

We look forward to working with him as our new Commissioner as we continue to work together in achieving our national goals of having a safer and more prosperous Jamaica

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