Following the publication on Tuesday, of what is reported to be a classified internal missive by an official of the US Interests Section in Havana, Cuba which commented negatively on Jamaica’s level of cooperation with Cuba in countering drug trafficking, the Prime Minister directed the Minister of National Security to carry out investigations into the allegations and submit a report to him.
The investigations confirm that in 2009 concern was expressed by officials of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior about the failure of the unit within the JCF to adequately respond to communication from its Cuban counterpart. The officer who headed that unit and who had been assigned in 2006 was replaced and the unit was reorganized and renamed the Transnational Crime Narcotics Division. Since then, there has been full and active cooperation between Jamaica and Cuba on counter-narcotics surveillance and interdiction and no concern has been expressed by officials of the Cuban government. This cooperation has since assisted in the conviction of a number of persons on charges of drug trafficking.
Officers from the Transnational Crime Narcotics Division and other security forces personnel have made a number of visits to Cuba, the most recent being less than a month ago, to confer with Cuban authorities on ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and measures to strengthen cooperation between Jamaica and Cuba. These include greater interface among high level officers of both countries involved in counter narcotics, intelligence sharing and interdiction operations.

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