The Acting Prime Minister, Dr. Kenneth Baugh has expressed the condolences of the Cabinet and the Government to Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the members of the Golding family on the passing of his mother, Mrs Enid Golding, who died this morning (September 14) at the St Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston. Mrs Golding who was born in Southfield, St Elizabeth was in her 91st year.

Mrs Golding was an outstanding educator and community builder. She was a graduate of the Shortwood Teachers College and London University.

Her teaching career started in St Catherine at the Ginger Ridge Elementary School and she later taught at the Watermount Elementary School. She relocated to Kingston and taught at the Alpha Academy and the St Andrew High School.

In 1960, she became the founding Principal of the Old Harbour Junior Secondary School and served there for eleven years.

Mrs Golding was married to the first Speaker of the House of Representatives, the late Tacius Golding.  They have three surviving children: Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Dr Trevor Golding and former Member of Parliament and banker, Douglas Anthony Golding. They also had a daughter who died in infancy.

Mrs Golding and her brother the late Rupert Bent co-authored two high school text books on the Geography of the West Indies and the History of the West Indies.

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