The Jamaica Urban Transit Company notes with much concern the attacks on its buses perpetuated by persons obviously opposed to the efforts by the JUTC to implement a public transportation system that will best serve the commuters in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.

We note with great distress the attacks on the buses over the last two days which has caused injury to person and significant damage to buses.

There is the case of a little girl who was hit on the head when stone throwers attacked one of our buses in the Stony Hill area of St. Andrew this morning. She had to be taken to hospital.

In the incidents, which numbered 18 between yesterday and today, caused damage estimated J$2.5 million dollars to the buses. The vandalism included the smashing of the windscreens of two of the buses, breaking of two side windows in one of the buses, smashing of a door and tampering with the engines of two of the buses.

The JUTC is thankful for the prompt action of the Jamaica Constabulary Force which has resulted in the arrests of a number of persons. We are depending on the JCF to continue their action of apprehending those who seek to maliciously damage the property of the JUTC.

The JUTC wishes also to remind everyone that its assets are acquired with the taxpayer’s money and that it is the people of the country who feel the loss brought about by actions of the culprits who attack our buses.

I also wish to reiterate that the JUTC is determined to continue with the measures that will produce a world class public transportation system for commuters in the KMTR.


Garnett Roper (Reverend)


Jamaica Urban Transit Company

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