The National Transformation Programme (NTP), known as “Fresh Start Jamaica”, is a Civil Society led, value based, socioeconomic programme with the State as a major partner along with Church and the Private Sector. Its intent is to trigger a process of positive transformation for all Jamaicans. As National Director of the programme, I am taking a leave of absence for the following reasons:

1. To ensure that there is no distraction or prejudice to this critical programme of National Transformation, while the legal process is being engaged over the next few weeks.2. To give full attention to the preparation of my defence but, more importantly, the defence of the principles of trust, truth, responsibility and justice. These matters speak to some of the fundamental issues facing our nation that will enable us to make a quantum leap toward the transformation of Jamaica land we love.3. To spend more time with my family to ensure we are strengthened by this experience. I want to thank all those who through their prayers, encouraging emails, calls and letters have shown overwhelming support to us during this time. I am also happy and thankful to God for the resolution of this issue, which has cost the country dearly in image, resources and lives. It was a resolution without any further loss, while serving the process of justice.

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