Jamaica is supportive of the positive developments which have occurred in relation to the situation in Syria and calls on all parties involved to move towards quick implementation of the Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons agreed by the USA and Russia.

Jamaica has always advocated for a resolution of the situation in Syria through dialogue and consultation. The recent conclusion of the Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons agreed to by the Governments of the United States and the Russian Federation, is therefore a positive and welcome development, as acting through the Executive Council of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), it will allow for a structured dismantling of the use of chemical weapons in Syria through destruction and verification of these weapons. Jamaica also welcomes the decision taken by the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic to accede to the Chemical Weapons Convention and the commitment given to provisionally apply the Convention prior to its entry into force.

We note that action under the Framework is to be reinforced by a decision of the United Nations Security Council which will also allow for a verification process, effective implementation, review on a regular basis, and, provide a role for the UN Secretary-General in consultation with the OPCW, to submit reports to the Security Council on an expedited basis, regarding the UN’s role in eliminating chemical weapons in Syria.

Such action bolsters the involvement of the multilateral system in dealing with the situation in Syria and is in keeping with Jamaica’s position on this matter.  We also note that non-compliance will be dealt with in the proposed resolution and will allow for action under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter if necessary.

While welcoming the recent positive developments outlined above, Jamaica also remains deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict in Syria and the mounting toll it is taking in relation to civilian casualties and the displacement of large numbers of persons. We therefore call on the international community to pursue efforts to arrive at a durable and sustainable solution.

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