On behalf of my delegation, I would first of all thank Prime Minister Patterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica, and also the Chairman of CARICOM. I also want to thank the Heads of CARICOM, all our brothers here in Jamaica and in the Caribbean family.
I also want to thank, in a particular way, each member of that prestigious delegation–Sharon Webster, Special Envoy of Prime Minister Patterson and for CARICOM; Maxine Waters, member of the US Congress; her husband Ambassador Williams; well-known author, Randall Robinson; and all the journalists.
My wife and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
And, I want to use that opportunity to thank again.all our brothers and sisters from the Central African (Republic) President Bozize, his government and the people of CAR, in their language, “Singili Bingili”. means thank you so much. It is an African language.
They want peace in Africa. We want peace in the Caribbean family. May that peace flourish all over our Caribbean family and all over the world.

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