Mr. Speaker, my presentation today, among other things, will speak to the advances we have made thus far on the journey from poverty to prosperity. I will also highlight how we have managed, and will continue to make our budget more responsive to the impact of natural disasters.

Of course Mr. Speaker, I could not conclude this presentation without making the case as to why this journey towards prosperity is also about sustaining a low inflation environment, much like we did in the decade of the 1960’s.

Mr. Speaker, it was the former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who said, “The size of our dreams must always exceed our current capacity to achieve them. If the size of our dreams does not scare us, they are not big enough.”

Mr. Speaker among the many developments happening in St. Andrew Eastern such as road infrastructure, education, job creation and zinc fence removal and replacement, I continue to champion the cause for opportunities. It is against this background that a major BPO entity will come to St. Andrew Eastern with the possibility of employing over 500 persons.Let me publicly thank Minister Vaz for being at the forefront of this initiative.

Today, I know that all Jamaicans, both here and in the diaspora, have dreams of what Jamaica could be or should be. I want to 3 acknowledge with gratitude my management team, supervisors,
workers, councilor, councilor caretaker, and persons across the length and breath of St. Andrew Eastern for entrusting me with their dreams.


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