Mr. Speaker, I am extremely pleased to rise to make my contribution to the Sectoral Debate, which will be my first in the capacity of Minister of Tourism and Entertainment. I would like to thank the Most Honourable Prime Minister for the confidence she has reposed in me by assigning me this important portfolio responsibility.

Congratulations to the Speaker, Clerk and staff of the House for a job well done.

I also wish to acknowledge and thank my immediate family, my wife Sheila, our two children, my mother and my sister who have all been very supportive of me over the years as I have executed my duties.

Special thanks to my constituents in Western Westmoreland,Mayor Bertel Moore, the councillors and my management team. Without their support, Mr. Speaker I would not have had the privilege of addressing this Honourable House in this capacity.

And most of all, I thank God for blessing me with health and strength.

Mr. Speaker, as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary of Independence, Jamaica like many other countries in the region is now on the threshold of a new era. I believe that this is a very crucial time for tourism as we seek to weather the lingering effects of the global economic crisis and to lay a platform for the sustainable development of our country.

I am pleased to inform this Honourable House and all Jamaicans that despite the many challenges our tourism sector continues to perform well, due largely to the support of our committed tourism partners and the tireless efforts of the outstanding team I have


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