Let me begin by thanking the constituents of Eastern Kingston and Port Royal for their continued vote of confidence in my leadership and my capacity to represent their interests, and work with them to make the constituency a model of sustainable development.

Let me also express a deep appreciation to Prime Minister the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, for her caring leadership style, which keeps the team motivated and restores hope to the Jamaican people. In asking me to take responsibility for one of the most critical cabinet portfolios for the transformation of the Jamaican economy, she has expressed a level of confidence that I am committed to justifying.

On behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, or MSTEM as we call it, let me say that we accept the responsibility to provide the innovation and creativity required to modernise the Jamaican economy, as we continue to make the transition from a reliance on the export of raw materials – agricultural commodities, bauxite and traditional sea and sun tourism – to the production of higher value-added exports of goods and services. The team that I am privileged to lead includes my hard-working and able colleague minister, Julian Robinson, the Permanent Secretary and staff of MSTEM.

Parliamentary Affairs
Mr Speaker, my colleague Parliamentarians on this side of the House have seen it fit to elevate me to the position of Leader of Government Business. I continue to consult my counterpart on the other side of the House, to see how best we can work together to make Parliament a more effective instrument of governance that relates in a more direct way to the needs and aspirations of the people we represent.


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