Mr Speaker, I start my presentation by giving thanks to the Almighty for continuing to bless me with health and strength to carry out my responsibilities in this House.

I am forever grateful to theconstituents of South East St. Andrew who have sent me here to represent their interests. I will continue to do so with integrity and accountability.

The constituency has a dedicated team of workers led by Councillors Andrew Swaby and Kari Douglas, secretary Ivy Hill, organiser Sonia Forbes, CDF officer Andrew Geohagen and a host of others who give yeoman’s service behind the scenes and in most cases unrecognised.

I want to thank our Party President and the Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips for his continued guidance and support and my colleagues in the House and the Party.

Finally and by no means the least I wish to thank my family for always having my back.

Mr. Speaker, I intend to spend a couple of minutes providing an update on an initiative I launched last year to increase participation in our democratic process at the constituency level.

In collaboration with the Slash Roots Foundation, I launched a website and an app named tellyourMP.com.jm as a way of getting more of my constituents to make recommendations about the types of projects they wish to see implemented in theirconstituency.

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