Mr Speaker, I rise to make my fourth contribution to the Sectoral Debates in the life of this current parliament for the second time as Shadow Minister of Housing.

I rise Mr Speaker recognizing that I am able to do so and to speak today because of the grace and mercy of the Almighty who has given me strength and perseverance to serve the people.

Secondly Mr Speaker, I want to thank my wife and children who have stood with me over the years of my political parliamentary representation and who have allowed me the time to give to the process even at the expense of family time. Respect and nuff  love Nads, Kim and Morais.

To my constituents who have given me the power to be here for this the 4th term, I thank them and pledge my continued commitment to working towards making Central St Mary a better place. To my constituency executive committee, members who are here, my Councillors , my Housing task force, my driver and my many workers and supporters and friends, I want to publicly thank you for your encouragements, your work and your support over the years.

To my Party Leader, Dr Peter Phillips, thanks for his confidence in me by assigning me this portfolio.

I want also to thank my colleagues on both side of the house for their support, their criticism at times and for the healthy banter which exist at times all aimed to make lighter of some of the mundane matters before us here in the House.

To you Mr Speaker, for your advice at times, for your counsel and although a few times we have not seen eye to eye even to the point of you calling my name as a member during a sitting when the cut and thrust of the Parliament was at a particularly high point, I commend you on your stewardship sober at times and at other times bringing hilarity to the House.

Mr Speaker, many times persons have asked me why I enter representational politics. My simple answer is to serve. Many ask what satisfaction I get from serving. My answer is that it comes in many ways. Seeing a better place for people, seeing the joy on the faces of children and adults alike when something positive happens in their schools or the community as a result of my stewardship. Meeting someone in the street and them saying “M.P you might not remember me but you helped me through university and I am working now” and too many other examples to mention.  On the other side Mr Speaker some satisfaction comes from some very touching events. I recall one such event Mr Speaker, a family of 5 had been burnt out.  Fortunately, their house was sited on a concrete base and so it didn’t take much to help to rebuild a rudimentary but sufficient structure. Within two days after the fire, with the help of neighbours and local tradesmen they were back in a house. To my pleasant and still tear evoking memories, the 9 year old child presented herself to my office on her way to school about 2 days after the house was completed. She had stopped at the pharmacy to buy a card, they didn’t have a thank you card so she bought a Christmas card and wrote in it the thanks and appreciation of her parents and her siblings as well as herself for my help in assisting them in their time of need. This Mr Speaker, I found was done on her own initiative without her parents knowing. It brought tears to my eyes. It is things like this Mr Speaker which gives me the energy to continue serving in this capacity.

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