Address by the Most Honourable  Portia Simpson Miller, ON, MP Prime Minister of Jamaica to the General debate of the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly New York Saturday, 28th September 2013.


Mr. President,

I am extremely pleased that a son of the Caribbean, one with such wealth of experience and tested diplomatic skills, is presiding over this 68th session of the General Assembly.

I  commend the Secretary-General, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, for his untiring effort to promote international peace and development and thank him for his exemplary leadership.

A Pivotal Moment in Time Mr. President, The theme for our debate “The Post-2015 Development Agenda”: Setting the Stage” catapults development to the centre of the UN agenda impelling us to elaborate a meaningful and far-reaching development framework for the benefit of all.

Our deliberation and actions during this session must therefore send a clear message of hope to the many millions who sadly, are still living in poverty and inequity.

Let us redouble our efforts to fight against the scourge of poverty. It was the late Jamaican National Hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey who aptly said:

“Poverty is a hellish state to be in.

It is no virtue.

It is a crime.

To be poor is to be hungry without possible hope of food;

to be sick without hope of medicine;

to be tired and sleepy without a place to lay one’s head; to be naked without the hope of clothing;

to be despised and comfortless.

To be poor is to be a fit subject for crime and hell.”

Mr. President,

Too many of the world’s citizens are facing that reality.

We need to fulfill the 2000 Millennium Declaration which entrusted to us the responsibility to chart a path towards development underpinned by a commitment to eradicate poverty based on a global partnership…READ MORE 

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