I must congratulate the JCC for joining with the MIIC and JAMPRO in hosting this important Seminar at this time. It is a pleasure to be addressing an audience such as this, comprised largely of private sector players.  I wish to emphasize, that private sector entrepreneurs will have a special role to play in the successful implementation of the Logistics Hub Initiative.

This seminar is timely for several reasons. Mr. Chairman, we are all aware that we are implementing an IMF Agreement. We are committed to honouring our obligations because we believe that it is the right thing to do. This government views our engagement as a partnership which we are convinced will help and support us in implementing the necessary reforms which will see us moving forward on a growth path.

We are awaiting the conclusion of the third quarterly IMF review and the indications are that everything is on track. We have enacted several pieces of legislation to facilitate the implementation of a number of reforms – most notably those dealing with taxation and fiscal incentives as well as measures to facilitate the business environment.

I pay tribute to some of our private sector colleagues who have been working with us on some of these important committees.  I note, in particular, the Economic Programme Oversight Committee chaired by Mr. Richard Byles and the Incentives Working Group chaired by Mr. Dennis Morrison.

We are beginning to see signs of a gradual recovery in the economy, evidenced by improved activity in the tourism, mining and agricultural sectors. We recognize that progress towards accelerated growth has been slow, but there is need for patience…READ MORE 

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