Following consultations with the Leader of the Opposition, as is required by the Constitution, Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding, has advised the Governor General to terminate the appointment of the members of the Public Service Commission.
This decision, according to Prime Minister Golding, has become necessary because of the persistent misconduct and unlawful behaviour of the Commission in carrying out its functions.
Mr. Golding said the blatant disregard for procedural fairness and natural justice, demonstrated by the Commission, was the subject of scathing comments by the Supreme Court earlier this year. Mr. Golding said that based on this, it would have been the honourable thing for members of the Commission to have tendered their resignations en bloc. Instead, Mr. Golding noted that the Commission had persisted in its vindictiveness by contriving to circumvent and frustrate the decision of the Court. This has again landed the Commission before the Court for failure to abide by the decision of the Court, he said.
Mr. Golding said there have been instances in which the Commission has taken decisions on matters in which one or more of its members were in the position of connected persons without recusing themselves or declaring interest.
The Prime Minister noted that as the person with whom the determination of the membership of the Commission ultimately rests, he no longer has confidence in the ability of the current membership to properly discharge its functions under the Constitution.
Mr. Golding will now consult with the Leader of the Opposition, as is required by the Constitution on the appointment of new members to the Public Service Commission. In the meantime, the Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance, Hon. Dwight Nelson, who has responsibility for the Public Service, will be available to respond to questions relating to this issue.

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