Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in responding to recent statements by Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness in relation to the International Monetary Fund deal at a Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica Chairman’s Club Forum, said the country’s leaders are to be mindful of public statements which may have international repercussions.

“Anything we say in Jamaica is captured globally. What kind of message do we want to send as leaders to the international community?” the Prime Minister said while addressing the fourth Parish meeting at the St. Hilda’s High School in St. Ann on Wednesday, January 30.

Mrs. Simpson Miller said she has noted the criticisms and is particularly focused on Mr. Holness’ response because of the implications it has for the country.

“When I was Leader of Opposition, I did everything I could to protect the interest of the nation. My responsibility is for the protection of Jamaica and the Jamaican people whether I am Prime Minister or Leader of Opposition. Leaders must be careful when we speak but my years in Government and governance do not allow me to make certain errors. That is why I want to be absolutely sure that when I speak about a particular matter I have the confidence that it is going to happen,” PM Simpson Miller explained.

The Social Development Commission’s Parish Forum focuses on issues of Government and Governance giving Jamaicans the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister and members of the Government to address their issues and concerns.

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