Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has tabled a Ministry Paper in the House of Representatives, outlining the facts concerning breaches of the conditions of approval, for the construction of the RIU Hotel at Mahoe Bay in St. James and how these have been dealt with.
“Care has been taken by the relevant authorities to ensure that the specifications and restrictions applicable to projects of this nature are adhered to and that corrective works, including the demolition of offending structures have been carried out,” Mr Golding said, during his statement in the House yesterday (Aug. 26).
Mr. Golding said, “care has also been taken to ensure that the actions taken are in the national interest and that the statutory provisions permitting modification of approved building plans are not unreasonably denied.”
“I wish to make it clear that in discharging its public duty, the Government will not be beholden to any special interest, local or foreign, nor will it be conscripted into a hostile posture toward any investor, local or foreign,” the Prime Minister said.

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