Mr. Speaker, on rising I must give thanks to God for sparing us as a nation, and as a Parliament, that we can all gather here once again to discuss the people’s business and recommit ourselves as instruments of His will.

Mr. Speaker, you will understand if I thank the delegates, Parliamentary colleagues, Party members, workers, and well-wishers for their prayers, support and participation in a democratic exercise that reaffirmed my leadership and their faith in that process.  I stand here to address the nation at this time because of them.

Mr. Speaker, I wish to specially recognize members of the diplomatic corps who are here in the gallery. I would also wish to specially acknowledge students from Penwood High in the gallery. You continue to make your community and myself proud

Mr. Speaker, I wish to specially recognize members of the diplomatic corps who are here in the gallery.

Members of my support staff are also in attendance, as well as my Councillors: Delroy Williams of the Seiveright Gardens Division, Christopher Townsend of the Olympic Gardens Division, and Councillor Caretaker for the Molynes Garden Division, Mr. Glendon Salmon.

Mr. Speaker, let me also acknowledge members of the Junior Shadow Cabinet who have joined us today.  They are a group of vibrant, energized and patriotic Jamaicans, representative of the future and passionate about building this country of ours.

Also joining us today are members of the private sector, the Church and civil society.  They play a critical role in national development. The Opposition pays keen attention to their views and is always eager to partner with them for the advancement of our nation and its people.

Mr. Speaker, my family is my refuge. My mother, a retired civil servant, who ensured that I received the education I needed to be where I am today, is here with us.  My dear wife Juliet is with us as well.  She has been a tower of strength in everything I do; she is a pillar of support, confidante, partner and friend.  Let me also express my love and appreciation for my two boys Adam and Matthew.  I work feverishly to secure a better Jamaica not only for them, but for all the children of Jamaica…READ MORE

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