In recent broadcasts, I have spoken about the problems facing us as a country, problems that have been so terribly aggravated by the global recession but problems which existed and had accumulated long before the recession.
Every year for many years, we have been spending more than we earn. Every year, we have to borrow to make up the difference, so, each year, the debt gets bigger and bigger and each year we have to set aside more money to pay the interest on that debt.
As I told you last month, for the last 10 years, all of the taxes we collect have had to be used to service that debt. So, before we can pay one teacher or nurse or policeman, before we can patch one pothole, before we can put one bottle of medicine in our hospitals or provide one school lunch for a needy child, we have to borrow more money, piling up the debt even further and the cost of servicing that debt even higher.

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