Due to an ongoing investigation and review into the process of issuing of Tax Relief (Waivers, 20% Motor Vehicle Duty Concessions etc ), all prospective and existing applicants are being advised that effective April 1, 2010, new procedures have been instituted to facilitate the processing of these applications.
Applications are normally received in three (3) main categories:
Twenty percent (20%) Motor Vehicle Duty Concessions; Applications for waivers under existing Incentive Schemes and Applications for tax relief on discretionary, humanitarian or charitable grounds.
Effective April 1, 2010:Customs, by way of a Notice signed by the Minister of Finance or the Financial Secretary, will be advised of approved applications; Successful applicants will receive an Advisory from the Taxation Policy Division and will no longer receive the customary Duty Concession letter; A copy of the Advisory will be sent to the applicant’s Human Resource Department.
Effective April 1, 2010: The relevant Revenue Department (Jamaica Customs, Inland Revenue, Taxpayer Audit & Assessment) will be advised of successful applications by way of a Notice, signed by the Minister of Finance or the Financial Secretary; The successful applicant will be issued with a copy of the Advisory and any other relevant information.
Until further notice, the Division is advising that the normal processing time of seven working (7) days may not be achievable.
Please take note of the following –
The Ministry of Finance & the Public Service will publish the details of the tax approved to be waived, including the names and amounts.
This is applicable to all applicants, and each applicant will be asked to sign, acknowledging their understanding and acceptance of these rules. It is expected that the recipients of the tax relief in any category, will comply with the conditions attached, including – but not limited to:
The relevant policy giving the Tax relief; Any applicable legislation in force and Publication of the details of the tax relief granted on the Ministry of Finance website, or otherwise if required by Law (as indicated above).
The Ministry apologizes for any delays in the processing of the tax relief applications, and wishes to further advise all prospective applicants, that a viable option for consideration, is the payment of the applicable duties and taxes, with a subsequent application for a refund, in part or full.
Any consideration for a refund will be considered on the same basis of the initial application.
We advise further that contact with the Taxation Policy Unit remains limited and written queries can be forwarded to the email addresses below, / and telephone contact remains 932 – 4795/932 -4794.

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