Mr. Speaker, it is well known that ICTs are the pivot of productivity and growth in the post-industrial world and it is for this reason that our own growth prospects are inextricably bound up with how we drive this industry. Mr. Speaker, Jamaica has taken great care in not only laying a strong and sound foundation, but in adding value to the superstructure.
Mr. Speaker, the world has long known that Jamaica has one of the highest teledensity rates in the world, boasting a rate in excess of 100%, that is, Mr. Speaker, at the end of the second quarter of fiscal year 2009, the total subscriber base of the mobile telecommunications sector was two million, eight hundred and twenty thousand, four hundred and forty two (2,820,442). Mr. Speaker, some may say that we are a nation of talkers, but we are much more than that – we are on a mission to exploit the opportunities provided by this platform.
Our banks, Mr. Speaker, are now providing mobile banking services to their customers on a ’24/7′ basis; the use of social networking sites (which are accessible by cell phone) is transforming the way businesses market to both local and international audiences, while simultaneously increasing consumer participation in the dialogue. Further Mr. Speaker, the use of social networking sites has allowed for unprecedented involvement and interface with the citizenry.
This Government is committed to making full use of technological innovations to transform all sectors from Agriculture to Water; from Education to the speedy delivery of Justice, so that it may not be delayed and therefore denied (I refer of course, Mr. Speaker, to the Government’s roll out of its Case Management System).
Also Mr. Speaker, in the area of Planning, ICTs are being utilised to speed up the approval processes relative to land and building applications, through the use of the AMANDA System, which links all the Agencies involved in the delivery of these services – I mention these briefly at this stage, Mr. Speaker, to make the point that it is not only commercial activities which are being supported by the use of ICTs, but also activities of a non-commercial and regulatory nature. Read More…

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