Minister with responsibility for Information Daryl Vaz said the figures allocated to the constituencies for road rehabilitation through the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP) cannot be looked at in isolation as some of these constituencies have been neglected for decades.

The Information Minister, who was speaking at the September 14 Post Cabinet Press Briefing at Jamaica House was responding to recent comments about an imbalance in the allocation of funds to the Jamaica Labour Party and People’s National Party constituencies.

“The figures cannot be looked at in isolation because during the years of the People’s National Party. What you have to assess is how much money was spent and where it was spent. Therefore if it was not spent in the constituencies that are getting it now then there can be a justification for the expenditure in these constituencies because of neglect and straight partisan politics that was played in the previous administration,” Minister Vaz explained.

He added that the JDIP will address infrastructure challenges throughout the island but politicizing the programme without looking at the history of the constituencies could only be described as ‘dishonesty’.

He encouraged the media to not only assess the JDIP but all the road programmes that have been implemented in Jamaica over the last 20 years.

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