The Minister of Justice, Senator the Hon. Mark Golding on behalf of the Ministry and by extension the Government of Jamaica, expresses sadness at passing of Dennis Daly Q.C.

A pioneer in the pursuit of Human Rights, Mr. Daly was one of the founding members of the Jamaican Council for Human Rights as well as a former vice-chairman of the Independent Jamaican Council for Human Rights.

He was called to the Bar in 1961 and conferred with the Office of Queen’s Counsel in 1990, a testament to his remarkable work and service to the profession.

At the Bar, Mr. Daly argued successfully in a number of landmark cases involving abuses of Human Rights on issues such as flogging, capital punishment and excesses by the state.  He was also passionate, vocal and active in issues relating to the victimization or marginalization of the youth.

Mr. Daly was also an ardent sports fan, a lover of the arts and most importantly, a family man.  The Justice Sector is grateful for his contributions and will forever be in his debt.  His impact will endure the test of time, and was built on unquestioned honesty and integrity.  His trailblazing advocacy is not only to be admired but is a source of inspiration for all persons who have the capacity to make a change in the lives of those who are disenfranchised.

The Ministry extends its condolences to his children, grandchildren and his wider family, friends and colleagues.

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