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Mr. Speaker, after three and a half years at the helm of the Transport and Works Ministry, I am happy to be now reaping the levels of success that were envisioned from the start, which took creativity, grit and determination to accomplish.

With strategic application backed by in-depth analysis of the inherited positions, coupled with the national responsibility that comes with effective political transformation, a lot has been realised, all in the best interest of the country. These I will outline later, along with the continuing challenges.

It has certainly taken a lot of very hard work to deliver so much so far, with much more to come, all for the betterment of the country and Jamaicans at large. For this very big effort I must acknowledge the support of my various teams over the last few years.

Of critically importance has been the support and input of the leadership and general staff of the Ministry and the Agencies and Entities within the portfolio areas. Their collective energies have taken us to this point of relative success, which is far removed from lack-luster results that were pretty much the norm before. This speaks to the levels of motivation and inspiration that have been generated all-round, in a concerted effort to simply get things right.

Appreciation must be extended to the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Alwin Hales, the Chief Technical Director, other team leaders, including retired Principal Finance Officer Altius Williams, and the general staff of the Ministry, for their continued support. To the Heads of Agencies and applicable Entities, their team members, the Board Chairpersons and Members, I thank you again for your in-valuable service.

Very warm appreciation is, no doubt, in order for my wife, Dawn, and the rest of my family, along with my immediate support staff, for their dedicated input.

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