Today we are proud to celebrate Miss Lou Day in appreciation of the work of the Honourable Louise Simone Bennett Coverley, Miss Lou, folklorist, poet, actress, author, songwriter, singer, comedienne, activist, Jamaican cultural icon.
Her name is synonymous with the coming of age of Jamaican culture.
Say Miss Lou and thousands all over the world will know that you are talking about the woman who almost single handedly caused respectability for the language of our people.
Miss Lou believed in and understood the value of authentic Jamaican cultural expressions. And so she was truly able to capture the spirit of Jamaican expressions from joy to sorrow, comedy to philosophy and everything in-between.
From her first Creole poem “Spred out yuself Lisa”, written when she was only 14 – to her numerous books, plays and broadcasts – Miss Lou used the language of our people, more than anyone else, to popularise our folk culture; and to help build national pride and confidence.
Miss Lou’s work with children was legendary. Generations of Jamaicans grew up on Aunty Roachie’s wisdom.
During this month we will introduce the new generation to Aunty Roachie’s guidance through a series of celebration events across the country.
As we celebrate Miss Lou Day, let us give thanks for the nation-changing contribution of this extraordinary woman who was uncompromising in her belief that our Jamaican-ness makes us second to none.

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