Jamaica has lost one of her great sons today with the passing of the Hon. Roger Clarke who has served the country has as a Member of Parliament for over twenty years.

Roger Clarke’s name is synonymous with what he held most dear in his heart, the land we love. Agriculture was a way of life for Clarke who grew up on his family’s farm in Westmoreland where he toiled on the land producing crops and vegetables. After attending the Mannings High School and pursuing management training in the United States, Clarke returned home and dedicated 30 years to developing the sugar industry in Jamaica.

As a man in love with this work Clarke owned his own farm that produces a myriad of crops showing his wealth of experience as the largest sugar cane producer in St Elizabeth. In the field of politics his success continued and shone bright having won eight local elections. He was a noted Councillor in St Elizabeth, Chairman of the St Elizabeth Parish Council and later Mayor.

His larger political career started in 1991 where he made his priorities known in expanding Jamaica’s export potential and was a leader in enhancing Jamaica’s food security. He cared about each and every farmer, small or large. He cared about ensuring that every Jamaica had access to food on their plates.

Roger Clarke has planted seeds that this country will reap success from in the years to come. On behalf of the JAMPRO family and the Board of Directors I send my sincere condolences to his wife Sonia and their two children. Walk good Roger.


Milton Samuda


Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)

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