The Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) has unveiled its new mission and vision statements as part of the agency’s thrust towards improving the service it provides to customers.

Managing Director of the HAJ, Karl Bennett, said the new statements mark a significant milestone for the agency, as they form part of a larger Customer Service Improvement Initiative, which is geared at lifting the image and output of the organisation.

Mr. Bennett, who was speaking today (November 3) at a special commemoration ceremony held at the HAJ’s head offices on Caledonia Avenue, said the initiative followed a series of consultations with staff and other stakeholders to chart the way forward.

“It can’t be that we are getting comments from both our internal and external customers without doing something about it. We are in a global market and the rest of the world is looking,” he stated.

Mr. Bennett informed that a detailed assessment process and information gathering sessions were undertaken, which included an in-depth staff survey as well as internal and external focus group meetings.

He said the HAJ hired an external consultant to guide the process as well as implementing a customer service improvement team, which consisted of 18 staff members.

“These helped us to document and quantify the current status of the company and allowed us to call on the opinions, talents and skills of all staff to inform the way forward,” he said.

He noted that the aim was to look at the agency’s business strategy and see how best to impact customer experience in a positive way.

He noted that feedback from the consultations resulted in the need to create a new corporate culture, designed to reinvigorate staff toward the fulfilment of the agency’s mandate, which is to be the premier provider of quality housing solutions for Jamaicans.

The Managing Director encouraged staff to reflect on the new course of the company and to become familiar with the new mission and vision statements as they go about providing service to their customers.

“We must remember that the new mission and vision statements are inanimate objects that we have the responsibility to activate in our daily interactions with our customers,” he said.

He further noted that, “as we reflect on the tenets of these statements and our ICARE core values; we will achieve the vision of being the market leader providing affordable, innovative and environmentally-friendly housing solutions and services for all Jamaicans.”  The ICARE values are a set of guiding principles that help ensure that the agency is providing the best service possible.

Mr. Bennett informed that the next steps involved in the Customer Service Improvement Initiative include customer service training  sessions for all staff, as well as monthly team-building exercises.

The HAJ is a land and housing development company that provides shelter solutions for Jamaicans island-wide.

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