I laud all teachers today. You have the undying regard of the Ministry of Education. We applaud your service to the education sector, the nation and God.

Teacher’s Day provides an opportunity for the Ministry and Jamaica to recognize and honour the immense contribution of teachers to human development and progress.  It is with a deep sense of appreciation that I pay tribute to all teachers in Jamaica as we commemorate the day. 

The commitment of our teachers over decades has produced the sons and daughters of Jamaica who have enabled the social, economic and cultural development of our nation.  It is significant to note that of five governors-general appointed since independence in 1962, three of them were teachers. This signifies the esteem in which this country holds its teachers.

We at the Ministry of Education recognise that many of our teachers serve not only as teachers but as parents, as counsellors, and caregivers.  We know that many teachers dip into their pockets and pay for lunches, pencils and books for students.  We know you go beyond the call of duty time and time again; for this we hail you and we hail your actions.

We know that Jamaica cannot develop without the input of its teachers.  We believe in education and its transformative power, its ability to lift a society from post-colonialism to developed world status by 2030. 

We know that it’s only through education that we can create a country that will be without peer; a country that will be the place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families. 

The Ministry of Education has put in place several measures that will improve the lives of teachers.  The Jamaica Teaching Council has been established to regulate the teaching profession, putting it on par with other noble professions.  It will widen the career path for teachers and ensure that new policies and directions are informed by data and experience. Simultaneously, the JTC will recognize and reward excellent teachers.   The Competence Based Transition Policy being implemented will help teachers – particularly those at the secondary level – as they will receive students who can read and are ready to access a secondary education.


Again, I applaud our teachers and wish them all the best for today and the future.


Issued by: The Ministry of Education

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