Before I get into the heart of the presentation, let me publicly express appreciation for the work of my two political colleagues, my Minister without Portfolio and the Minister of State. The reality is that, without their support, it would be impossible to manage the range of sectors covered by this mammoth Ministry. In addition to carrying out the assignments for which they have main responsibility, each has willingly assumed responsibility for whatever new assignments either the Prime Minister or I give to them.

Must also take the opportunity to publicly express appreciation to the administrative head of the Ministry, our Permanent Secretary, Mrs Audrey Sewell, as well as Mr E G Hunter, the CEO of the National Works Agency and the officers serving in both the central Ministry and the NWA. Similarly, I publicly express thanks to the Chairmen, Board Members, CEOs and staff of the full range of public entities which are grouped under our Ministry. As I have said to them on various occasions, these organizations are, for the majority of Jamaicans, the point of interaction between the GOJ and the citizens. Consequently, the extent to which they execute their tasks efficiently and with sensitivity has a major impact on the quality of life of the population.

The revamped structure of the debate this year – particularly the time limits which have been set – demands that less time be allocated to the usual tributes to my Constituency Executive and those who support me in terms of projects within the constituency. Suffice it to say that their work keeps me in contact with the “real people” and so to them I say, thank you.

Despite limited time, I must indicate that our educational programmes continue to grow.

The results of these initiatives demonstrate that it is possible to radically change the profile of communities within a generation.

I made reference earlier to the new structure of the debate and I have assured the Leader of the House that he has my full support. The time limit forces us to focus on the main aspects of our Ministerial or shadow responsibilities.  Against this background, whilst I attempt to keep abreast of the work of all the entities in my Ministry, let me apologize as it is obvious that not all entities can be addressed in a time slot of 45 minutes.

The Minister without Portfolio will be making a presentation later in the debate and in addition to his main area of responsibility, Housing, he will also speak to one of our significant achievements of the last Parliamentary Year – the completion of the review by the Joint Select Committee of the Road Traffic Act…READ MORE

Download Contribution to the 2015/2016 Sectoral Debate by Dr. the Hon. Omar Davies 



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