Mr. Speaker, the portfolio of the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change is massive, and while in his presentation, the Honourable Minister spoke extensively of the achievements and projects of the Ministry, we still have much to account for. Today I will cover those areas that the Honourable Minister did not cover, notably the Environment, Planning and Development portfolios. I will also give an update on upcoming and ongoing projects of the National Water Commission.

Before I address the matters of my Ministerial portfolio, Mr. Speaker, I ask the indulgence of my colleagues in allowing me to deliver a brief account of my stewardship as Member of Parliament for the mighty, mighty constituency of Western Hanover.

Mr. Speaker, as a leader, I recognize the importance of empowering our youth. There is no nation that can prosper without making a sizeable and continuing investment in youth training, education, and development, with those investments beginning at the com- munity level. In Western Hanover, as part of our efforts to engage our youth, this year we established a world class sporting facility in Logwood and a community centre in Cauldwell.

I must thank the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Roger Clarke and the Sugar Transformation Unit for their support in making these facilities a reality.

As Member of Parliament, I will ensure that we continue to invest in our youth, and so, later this year we will be opening the Western Hanover Youth Information Centre, a $41 million dollar investment. Two weeks from now, we will be breaking ground for the construction of the centre, which, Mr. Speaker would not have been possible without the support of Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna. I thank the Minister for her input.

Mr. Speaker, we are about to complete the Lucea pipeline, a $1.2 billion project. This will bring access to a more reliable water supply system for the people of Western Hanover and Negril. I am particularly proud of this development, because it is the realization of a commitment made by my Senior Minister to various stakeholders: residents, tourism interests, and farmers. He promised, Mr. Speaker, and, with the support of the various hard working staff of the ministry and its agencies, he delivered.

Mr. Speaker, believe it or not, in the 21st century, there are people in Western Hanover who do not have electricity in their homes. We are about to correct that situation. For the first time, residents of Spring Mountain, Rock Hole, Prosper, Winchester and other communities will receive access to electricity. Through the Rural Electrification Programme, and with the support of our hard working Energy Minister, my friend Hon. Phillip Paulwell, we will extend this essential utility to thousands of residents. Soon, our people will be able to enjoy some of the things many of us take for granted: to get a cool drink of ice water, check their email, or watch a football match on Television…READ MORE

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