Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has welcomed the introduction of the teachings of Garveyism as part of the reintroduction of Civics in schools.

Noting that Marcus Garvey’s thoughts will help to inspire solutions that will transform Jamaica, the Prime Minister said, “Let us expose our children to Garvey’s liberation philosophy that could help them discover the greatness within; that must empower them to transform the nation. Garvey’s philosophy and opinions, recorded in literature and preserved in oral history, will serve us well in the search for the solutions that must be found if we are to truly transform Jamaica."

The Prime Minister applauded the initiative of the Ministry of Education to include some of Garvey's teachings in the new Civics programme starting in September.

“Garvey’s words of long ago still have meaning today. The launching of the ”Teachings of Garveyism in the new Civics Programme" for schools is only possible because of the vision of Garvey that produced those powerful words over 80 years ago. The gates are now open for our children and the entire society to learn, in a structured way, the philosophies of our great hero. Let us take Garvey’s words to heart, analyse them, find whatever truth they contain and use it to fashion a future that will see our land transformed, peaceful and prosperous,” Prime Minister Simpson Miller said.

Quoting Marcus Garvey’s words of civic mindedness, the Prime Minister said, “What you do today that is worthwhile inspires others to act at some future time."

In her remarks, the Prime Minister supported human rights and justice with the Garvey quote, “There can be no peace among men and nations as long as the strong continue to oppress the weak."

Marcus Garvey’s words of confidence were highlighted by Mrs Simpson Miller when she quoted him, “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life."

The Prime Minister’s remarks were delivered by recorded video at the Marcus Garvey High School in St Ann, where the Ministry of Education launched the reintroduction of civics in schools on August 17 – the 125th anniversary of the birth date of Marcus Garvey.

Marcus Garvey’s philosophy is that Black people must build powerful businesses and powerful nations. He was also an early advocate for political unity among all Black nations.

His legacy includes the raising of consciousness among Black leaders that inspired many Black nations to shape their own futures by controlling their own economic and political destinies.


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