Mr. Chairman

Hon. Anthony Hylton, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce

Other Government Officials

Members of the Diplomatic Corps

Private Sector Leaders

Ladies and Gentlemen


I am pleased to join the Anbell Group for the launch of the Anbell Trade Exchange.

Let me congratulate the dynamic Mr. Andrew Pairman and his team for their vision in creating this exciting platform.

I also extend a special welcome to Mr. Ron Whitney, Executive Director of the International Reciprocal Trade Association.

Thank you Sir for making Jamaica the destination of choice for your organization’s 2012 Convention, which will take place in September.

The launch of the Anbell Trade Exchange, is evidence that entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are alive and well in our country.

As I have often said the natural creativity and innovativeness of our people will supply the solutions to achieve our country’s growth and prosperity.

This Trade Exchange reflects the desire to devise solutions and create new approaches in the way we work and do business.

This is a fine example of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Internationally, the system of Barter has been widely used over the centuries to facilitate trade activities.

Here in Jamaica, we have a long history of bartering, trading and negotiation. 

The Anbell Trade Exchange draws on that legacy, putting a modern touch to an age old practice which has proven to be successful for so many of our families and business throughout the decades.

It is in this context that I welcome this additional business facilitation process.

It promises to expand commerce and improve the performance of business, while lowering the entry cost for emerging entrepreneurs to fully participate in the Jamaican and Regional Commercial Space.

It will also facilitate a more precise match between supplier and consumer and charitable organizations with their donors.

Today’s launch is well timed.

It is a natural fit to government’s thrust to grow Jamaica’s exports and improve our ranking on the Global Competitiveness Index.

Through this Exchange, participating businesses will be able to contain their costs and improve their overall financial performance.

For consumers it provides an “at-a-glance” facility which allows them to choose suppliers and fuel competition and business efficiency.

I heartily congratulate Mr. Pairman and the Anbell Group   for adding this Trade Exchange to the choices available to Jamaican companies and their consumers.

I use this opportunity to remind our local entrepreneurs that we must readily embrace new ideas.

These will allow us to mobilize latent capital, to grow new sectors of our economy and to create expanded opportunities for job creation.


Ladies and gentlemen:

This is an opportune time to restate the central theme of my administration.

This is “a nation on a mission with a vision."

It is a vision of moving our people from welfare to well-being and from well-being to wealth creation.

The vision is that of Jamaica achieving developed nation status, and to be the place of choice to live, work, do business and raise families.

It is about empowering our people and providing them with a greater degree of ownership and access to increased opportunities through Education and Training.

The Anbell Trade Exchange fits neatly into this Vision.

The Government that I have the honour to lead will always stand ready to promote and support innovative ideas such as this one.

This commitment is a recognition that once we capitalize on the innovativeness of our people, and provide the enabling environment for them to convert winning concepts into workable solutions, our entrepreneurs will be unstoppable.

I call on the business community and especially those members present today, to partner with the government in realizing this vision.             

Let us proceed with greater confidence as Anbell has done, and invest.

Let us take on new challenges and open-up new opportunities for growth and development.

Let us grasp these opportunities and assertively move forward to achieve our common mission.

Again, it is my pleasure to officially launch the Anbell Trade Exchange and I wish the Anbell team every success in this endeavour.


Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you.

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