The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, Leader of the Opposition expresses congratulations to the female Jamaican Olympians on their magnificent performance at the Bird Nest Olympics Stadium in Beijing.
Mrs. Simpson Miller says:
“I stand with the entire citizenry and all Jamaicans throughout the Diaspora in acknowledgement of the exquisite sportswomanship and athletic prowess of our female athletes”.
“In particular of Shelly-Ann Fraser, Kerone Stewart and Sherone Simpson giving Jamaica our first ever first, second and second finish in an Olympic Finals. This result that has never happened before or certainly not in the modern Olympics. It is also the first time since 1988 that any country has won both the Male and Female 100M Finals”.
“These are proud days for Jamaica and the performance of our young people is to be considered as a testimony of their value and of the pivotal role they play in National Development. Their families especially their parents and guardians, their coaches, managers, churches, schools and the wider communities from which they hail are to be especially congratulated for the obvious care and support that they have received throughout their lives.”
“As I have always said there is nothing that we cannot accomplish when our resources are properly applied to the development of the physical infrastructure, human expertise and fixity of purpose. That our athletes have done so well in the face of competition from countries with greater economic resources than we have gives tangible proof to the philosophy of Equality of Outcome to which I subscribe.”This result is the outcome to which I dedicated my entire service during my eighteen year tenure as Minister of Sports.
Mrs. Simpson Millers says:
“This is also to be considered a fitting tribute for our country on the very day we commemorate the 121st Anniversary of the birth of the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey who told us:”Up, up you mighty race you can accomplish what you will!” Indeed he was right and today we have!

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