Madam Speaker,

In what continues to be challenging times for our nation and the world by extension, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to report on the achievements of the Ministry of Justice in this my seventh consecutive year as Minister of Justice. It is also with an immense sense of pride, that I highlight the privilege of appearing in this Honourable House on behalf of the constituents of North East St Andrew, serving as their Member of Parliament for 25 years.

Mr Prime Minister, I am thankful for your confidence in my ability to continue the drive of “Access to Justice for a Better Jamaica”, as we build on the pillars towards a reformed and improved Justice Sector.

To my hardworking team at the Ministry of Justice, thank you. I acknowledge the Acting Permanent Secretary, Mrs Grace Ann Stewart McFarlane for taking on the herculean task of ensuring that the plans and policies towards a reformed Justice Sector are met. The task is in no way an easy one, and without the Ministry’s team, the advancements in the Justice Sector could not be achieved.

Madam Speaker, the Judiciary, under the sterling guidance of the Chief Justice, the Hon. Mr Justice Bryan Sykes, and the staff of the Court Administration Division, are critical partners in the drive towards a First-Class Justice System. The partnership is one rooted in mutual respect and commitment to build a more resilient sector.

The Judiciary and the Court system have my full support as we work together to provide a Justice System that Jamaicans can be proud of.

Special thanks to:

• President of the Court of Appeal, The Honourable Mr Justice Patrick Brooks; Appeal Judges and the
Court of Appeal staff;
• Supreme Court and Parish Court Judges and their staff for their fulsome support of the Chief Justice
to make our justice system the best in the Caribbean;
• Attorney General, Dr Derrick McKoy;
• Solicitor General, Mrs Marlene Aldred and her staff;
• Director of Public Prosecutions, Ms Paula Llewellyn and her staff;
• Director, Court Administration Division, Mrs Tricia Cameron-Anglin and her staff for their ongoing

Heartfelt thanks also to the various teams in the affiliated agencies and departments of the Justice Ministry

• The Administrator-General, Mrs Lona Brown and her staff, for protecting the interests of minors,
creditors and beneficiaries of estates; and
• The Executive Director of the Legal Aid Council, Mrs Dian Watson and her staff.

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