Mr. Speaker, the Sectoral Debate 2014/2015 has come to an end and the many hours of thoughtful and insightful presentations from members of both sides of this Honourable House will serve us well going forward.

Indeed, Mr. Speaker, although this is not unique to this year’s debate, the common thread that runs through this year’s presentations appears stronger. This augers well for the continuing development of our nation.

The common thread, Mr Speaker, is the recognition that strong and decisive actions must be continued if the economy is to be positioned on a path of sustainable development and the attainment of meaningful economic growth.

This recognition assumes great significance given the traditionally competitive and partisan nature of our democratic process, and the high expectations of our people.

The less fortunate and vulnerable bear the brunt of the necessary adjustment process. However, once empowered, these persons, through their hard work, enterprise and investment, will enable our country to grow its way out of the syndrome of unsustainable debt, adjustment fatigue and stunted growth.

Mr. Speaker, for a number or years, these debates have been criticized for their lack of structure and length. I wish to acknowledge that for next year it cannot be business as usual.

For one, for the next financial year, we have to conclude the Budget Debate prior to March 31.

Further, we will have to modify the operations of the Standing finance Committee in order to achieve this. In the same breath, the Sectoral Debates will have to be more structured and time-sensitive.

In that regard, I have, today, written to the Leader of Opposition Business expressing these intentions, with a view of engaging a process of reform. I wish to assure this House that this reform will have an end, because it must be implemented next year…READ MORE

Download Sectoral Debate 2014/2015 Closing Presentation by the Hon. Phillip Paulwell  

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