• JIS News

    An award will be presented to a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has made sterling contributions to youth development, at the annual Prime Minister’s Youth Awards 2010, scheduled for Sunday, November 28.
    The deadline for the submission of applications for the “Organization Service Award,” is October 1. Nomination forms can be collected at the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD), 16A Half Way Tree, Kingston 5 and NCYD Youth Information Centres in St. Ann, St. Mary, St. James, Portmore, Kingston and Portland.
    Youth Information Specialist, NCYD, Rochelle Brooks, told JIS News that the award was introduced to recognize organizations that have impacted on youth development.
    “We saw it fit to award organizations that have made significant contributions to youth development and, as such, we thought that it was necessary for another category to be added,” she said, noting that some of the organizations that have applied were started by young persons.
    Organisations eligible for this award must have been established for at least three years. Additionally the organisation should be making an impact on young persons, between the ages of 15 and 24, in the areas of health, education, employment and entrepreneurship, care and protection, participation and empowerment and living environment.
    Miss Brooks said nomination forms must be submitted with supporting documents such as pictures, amount of funds used in the campaign, number of young persons who have benefited and efforts made to involve corporate sponsors.
    “We want to get everybody involved, and we will not block people from applying if they are qualified: So we will be accepting applications, as long as the submissions are sent in before October 1 to be shortlisted,” she said.