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    The old courthouse in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, will be refurbished and transformed into a thriving civic centre for residents of the community, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, has stated.
    Miss Grange said the hope is to convert the old site into a place of positive energy and reinforcement for the youths of the town.
    “A facility that at one time represented negative things, where people were locked up for breaking the law, this will now become a positive facility, a rebirth; a place where Spanish Town and its environs will grow and be productive and creative,” the Minister said.
    She made the announcement recently during a Visioning Symposium, held at the Twickenham Park Open Bible Church, St. Catherine on Monday (March 8).
    “We are going to be establishing a youth information centre, where we are going to have a bank of computers, access to the Internet and a facility which will create a space for young people,” she informed.
    “In addition, we will have a permanent facility for training young people, through the National Youth Service (NYS) programme. We will have a cultural training facility, where our young people will be able to learn all the art forms, art, craft, dance, modeling and singing,” she added.
    She also stated that the centre will also serve as a home to the marching band association, as well as other vibrant youth groups.
    “It will be a civic centre for our adults and for our leaders, a space for meetings. The facility will also be used to host events, such plays. We will have our own community radio station, a recording studio and artisan booths for our craft artists,” she assured.
    Miss Grange said the young people of St. Catherine, particularly Spanish Town, need space where they can meet and receive positive instructions and guidance.

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